Flux Coin

Flux Coin

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New Edge Option available - Fluted!

The Flux Coin is our take on a worry stone/challenge coin that, like many of our other designs, incorporates the use of magnets to bring another dimension of interaction with the device. At the core of the Flux Coin is powerful neodymium magnet that suspends a hardened stainless steel ball in the coin’s center. The magnetic field allows you to push the ball like a button or roll it under your finger with satisfying spring back to it’s center position. You can also push the ball out of the central bore onto the dish-like surface of the coin to rotate around the surface or pull it back and launch it back into the center. The Flux Coin is a perfect addition to your EDC that can fit in a fifth pocket for a discrete and unique fidget experience.  

The Flux Coin comes two 3/8” balls that fit inside the center hole and a larger ball that lets you spin Flux Coin like a stemless top!


1.5” (38mm) Diameter
.35” (9mm) Thick

Material Options & Weights:
Stainless Steel: 54g
Titanium: 36g
Copper: 60g
Zirconium: 44g

Please Note: copper and brass are soft materials that are more likely to show signs of wear. Even stainless steel and titanium may show signs of wear from contact with the hardened steel ball over time. 

Warning: This product has strong magnets and small parts, it is not recommended for children.

Designed, Finished, Assembled, and Packed in USA