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Abyss - Acidwash Finish

Abyss - Acidwash Finish

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The Abyss is the latest Premium offering in the Axiom line up. This design looks to be of alien origin and boasts a synergy of comfort and style. The Abyss is offered with or without slots that can accept 1.5x6mm Tritium vials, accent filler wire, or leave them unfilled as an aesthetic design feature. Note: The Abyss does not come with Tritium vials. Axiom Spinners does not offer Tritium vials for sale but can be purchased from companies such as mixglo.com. 

Ships within 2 weeks.


1.8” (46mm) Effective Diameter
.59” (15mm) Tall at the Buttons

Approx. 2.6 oz (75 grams)

303 Stainless Steel Body and Buttons


(One Drop YoYo) SS or Hybrid Ceramic R188 10 Ball

Certificate of Authenticity Card will have a Serial Number

🇺🇸 Proudly Designed and Manfactured in the USA 🇺🇸