Apache RS

Apache RS

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The Apache RS is the next evolution of the Apache incorporating a culmination of features and experience from our previous designs. The 'RS' stands for 'ring spinner' as the design centers around a 6704 ring spinner bearing that is held in place between the body by imbedded neodymium magnets.

For a traditional spinning experience, a set of magnetic buttons are included and install in a snap. Additionally, with this magnetic modular design, you can remove the bearing altogether to create a magnetic haptic slider.

This design may have an aggressive style, but don’t let its chiseled shape fool you; each angle has been mindfully designed and finished to yield a comfortable and ergonomic experience. This design is a fusion of function and style that we hope will rekindle your passion to spin!

  • Designed around a 6704 ring spinner bearing.
  • Bearing is held between body with neodymium magnets.
  • Easily removable neodymium magnetic buttons allow you to spin as a traditional spinner or ring spinner.
  • When the bearing is removed the body acts as a haptic slider!
  • The buttons can be used as a haptic fidget when removed and paired!


2.0” (52mm) Length x 1.4” (35mm) Width
1.0" (25mm) Diameter by .6” (15mm) Tall Buttons

Material Options:
303 Stainless Steel
Titanium (Grade 5)

Approx. Weight:
Stainless Steel: 99g
Titanium: 59g
Copper: 110g
Brass: 104g
Zirconium: 86g

6704 Hybrid Ceramic Ring Bearing 

Designed in the USA