Axiom Chopped - B-Stock

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This listing is for a B-Stock Axiom Chopped, it does not include buttons and may have some machining imperfections, all sales are final. 

The Chopped was an ‘AXident’ that turned into one armed fidget toy with a mind of its own! It can be spun in the traditional sense to make it spin with the tilt of your hand. Also it’s unique center of gravity allows it to ‘roll’ along have a interested table spin on smooth surfaces. 


1.5” (38mm) Length x 1.25” (32mm) Width
.5” (12.7mm) Tall at the Buttons

Approx. 1.3 oz (37 grams) w/o buttons

303 Stainless Steel

Tumbled - There may be slight differences from piece to piece as the Chopped is literally a chopped Axiom. These are make from Axioms from a variety of runs that didn’t make the cut so we lopped off one head to make this unique fidget toy!


Certificate of Authenticity Card

Proudly Designed and Manfactured in USA