Apache RS Button Set - ZircuTi

Apache RS Button Set - ZircuTi

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Take your Apache RS to the next level with a ZircuTi button set or use it as a stand along haptic fidget! This button set is held together with powerful neodymium magnets that allow for an easy installation. The magnets also allow add a haptic fidget function allowing you to slide the buttons apart and have them snap back into place. What really makes this set special is the zirconium and titanium damascus material that is flamed treated to bring out an eye grabbing displace of patterns and colors. 


Button Diameter: 1.0” (52mm)
Assembled Button Height: 0.6" (15mm)

Zirconium/Titanium Damascus

1. Pattern and color may vary from pictures shown.

2. This listing is for a button set only, it does not include a spinner.