Magnum Roller

Magnum Roller

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The Axiom Magnum is our second knuckle roller design following the success of the SpinPin. The Magnum roller is made up of a stainless steel mid body with embedded neodymium magnets that capture a hardened 440C stainless steel ball on either end. The ball sit securely in a concave socket allowing you to roll the ball with your thumb or push it off and have it satisfyingly snap back in to place. These features  add a dimension to the traditional skill toy that creates a whole new way to fidget and interact with it. There are many ways to fidget, play and build skills when enjoying the Magnum roller.

NOTE: This product has strong magnets and small parts, it is not recommended for children.


Approx. 2.4” (61mm) Length 

303 Stainless Steel Mid-Body
440C Stainless Steel Balls

Stainless Steel: Approx. 2.6 oz (73 grams)

Certificate of Authenticity Card will have a Serial Number

Designed and Manufactured in USA