Apache Shift

Apache Shift

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The Apache Shift is a premium slider fidget device merging the sleek form factor of the Apache RS with dedicated slider functionality. The design incorporates low friction slide plates with user interchangeable magnet configurations. 

  • Slider Plates offered in two materials
    • Black Delrin - Lightweight, low friction, high wear-resistance
    • Bronze - Low friction, hefty, will develop patina over time
  • Magnet Configurations - Comes with 2 sizes of magnets
    • Ø5mm Magnets in 4 x 2 configuration
    • Ø7mm Magnets in 3 x 1 configuration
  • Slider Plates can be removed with included allen key to change plates or magnet configurations.

Want to get both plate materials or just a spare set? Add an extra pair here!

Spare magnet and screws also available!


2.0” (52mm) Length x 1.4” (35mm) Width x .7" (18mm) Tall

Material Offerings and Approximate Weights
 Body Material Delrin Plates Bronze Plates
Stainless Steel 85g 130g
Titanium 55g 100g
Copper 95g 140g
Zirconium 75g 120g

Note: Production unit may have slight changes compared prototype version shown.

Warning! This product has strong magnets and small parts, it is not recommended for children.

Designed in the USA